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Welcome to The Ticket Office, home of the best artisan pizza takeaway in Bridport and West Bay.

The Ticket Office offers traditional Neapolitan
takeaway pizza in Bridport and West Bay, from their
base next to the Station Kitchen.

The Ticket Office was designed to offer a taste of what the Station Kitchen provides, but as a takeaway. Our dough is made fresh, every day, utilising the finest local produce West Dorset has to offer, in order to bring you the best possible pizza there is. 

Our restaurant was founded in 2015, but our journey into hospitality started way back in 2009, when we moved to Bridport. Having always loved the local market, I (Claire) decided to pitch up and start selling cakes, scones and other treats on the market to locals and tourists alike. After garnering the attention from many locals and tourists alike, with the help of my husband Ross, we soon decided to start a business offering cakes.

Within months, the natural progression into a catering company started and then ultimately The Station Kitchen was born.

Wood fired pizza bridport west bay.jpg
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